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3PL Warehouse Services

As one of the leading logistics companies in Australia, ILS has dedicated some of its resources to providing 3PL warehouse services for your benefit. We have services tailored for your unique needs so that no customer is ever inconvenienced when they come to us.

Setting apart a sizeable amount of square footage for cargo storage is not enough. We are of more use to you with our shared warehouse services. This allows us to co-locate items from various companies who can then make savings through co-loading. This is part of our plan in terms of freight consolidation programs. We know that your business depends on our ability to make goods available when needed and that is exactly what we intend to do. We carry out a lot of pick and pack processes all through the day to ensure that our clients fulfil their commitments to the end user.


ILS warehousing services

Get dedicated warehouse space with ILS on contract basis. We have a turnkey solution for your storage needs which includes services such as facility operations and staffing, warehouse design and site location. We offer services that give your distribution center and edge over the competition.


Shared warehousing


There is an infrastructure in place meant especially for clients with light cargo. You don’t have to incur exorbitant distribution charges just because you have to pay for space that you have no use for. Companies have the option to share trailer and warehouse space in order to cut down on costs. This will save you the unnecessary expenditure in offsetting bills that you could share the cost for. That way, product distribution remains at an affordable cost.


What you need to know about our 3PL warehousing services

  • Efficient; there is nothing more irritating than having to deal with incompetence from your service providers. Partnering with the wrong service providers can be the difference between successful and failed business ventures. Don’t miss your targets on account of other people’s lack of professionalism. Come to the best and get the best service delivery.
  • Accurate; avoid time wasting mix-ups caused by cumbersome record keeping. We operate on a high volume and this has prompted the introduction of new technologies into our daily operations.
  • Compliant; You can incur unnecessary chargeback penalties just for not complying to the set codes of operations. We are in compliance with all routing guides so that our customers don’t have to deal with extra costs.
  • Omni-channel operations; being the high-volume logistics company we are, we are always looking to make things easier for our clients. Trust us to complete all the B2B and B2C freight forwarding needs you may have. You will not have to find multiple service providers.


When it comes to cargo transport and storage, we know best what works for your company. With over a decade in the logistics and transport industry, our services have improved significantly over the years. Reach out to us and let us know what we can do to help realise your dream of venturing out on your own.


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